Wednesday, May 17, 2006


If you're reading this than you're either:

a) surfing a blog site for random blogs and stumbled upon this one
b) (more likely) a member of our poker group, Egyptian Kings.

In either case, you're probably confused. Ah well.

To the members of Egyptian Kings, I know my idea to blog on myspace has not really worked per se, but I still think that a space where we can all discuss our weekly games, our play at casinos or online will be useful to learn more about our game, our tells, etc. Might also be fun to read from time to time.... what a novel concept.

At least this blog space allows multiple users, pictures, links, and it also has the ability to be redirected to a unique site down the road, something I am thinking of creating for Egyptian Kings (or whatever name we evolve into) - a place where our season points and fun facts could exist, as well as a place to post what tournaments any of us are playing in, or perhaps in the future, a site to sign on and play. Who knows.

Anyway, deal yourself in. Feel free to post something.

First post - test

This is a test.

Season 4 starts...?
Well we have had a fun time just playing weekly games in 07 without a set season.
More info to come!